Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day Three

I'm not sure I would have made it through the day without binging if I had to work today. Praise God, we had a snow day, more like an ice day. The fact that the roads were dangerous kept me inside all day away from any temptations. This afternoon, I started to feel badly though. Actually, the last two nights, I have had a migraine as I have been withdrawling from all the sugar. This afternoon I had a headach and just generally felt sick. I feel a little better right now.
I did have thoughts of just binging and starting again on the weekend! I usually plan on starting my diets when I'm off work. I guess I feel I won't have the stress and can focus on myself and the diet. However, every time I had time off from work, I thought, I'm on vacation! I want to be able to do and eat what I want! So since I started compulsively overeating in October, I have planned on starting a diet every weekend! Instead I would end up going to the grocery store and eating 4-6 pastries just for breakfast as I planned to start my diet on Monday. Right now I am not feeling grateful to be abstient. I would rather be binging right now on a huge bag of M&Ms. However, I know after years of doing this and not doing this that I don't have to act on every thought, craving or desire. This is something mature adults do. It is called discipline!!
I pray tomorrow I can do nothing if I feel like picking up. One day at a time! -T

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