Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One Day at a Time

I had a migraine today. Whenever I don't feel well, my first thought is to eat! "Eat, you will feel better." But when I think of eating to feel better-I'm thinking chocolate, ice cream, cookies, not chicken soup! I came home and justed wanted to go to bed. But I made myself a good dinner and now I feel better. Work is crazy-they changed the classes I would be teaching the day before the students are returning. However, it reduced my preparation from 4 to 3. I just really have to do the next right thing when it comes to my food. I didn't know they weren't serving lunch today so I was caught unprepared. My first thought was going to a fast food drive-thru. But I made the next right decision and went to Subway. If I just take one food decision at a time--and make the right decision, it makes it easier the next time. When I am binging, there is this incredible momentum that is hard to stop and reverse. Similarly, when I am disciplined, there is a momentum that makes it easier for me to be disciplined in other areas like my spending. When I am binging, I also overspend and not just on food. As a result, I have a lot of credit card debt.

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