Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vacations Over!

I got back from my vacation on Friday. I was at the shore for 3 weeks. I actually lost weight which is amazing! I'm taking amino acids to help with cravings, energy & mood. I really had no desire for ice cream or cheese steaks. Last year, I was getting ice cream daily. I also had several cheese steaks a week. This year I only had two. I still struggled to exercise. I procrastinated and then didn't go. Just like I'm doing today!! I got my period yesterday, and I have cramps. I was craving sweets the last two days, but the cravings were not so overwhelming that I binged. I've blown quite a few diets due to my sweet cravings before my period. Now I relaize many of my binges were the result of physical body chemistry and not emotional stuff I was trying to avoid. I really hope I can be successful this year!! School starts a week from tomorrow! I need to make sure I deal with any stress and anxiety in other ways-NOT binging. I also need to go exercise today! I want to get back in the habit before school starts.

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