Sunday, August 9, 2009

On Vacation

I am starting my second week of vacation on the New Jersey shore. There is no scale and no gym, so I've only exercised twice in 10 days since I have been here. I've only had ice cream once! Last year, I was having ice cream daily-going off by myself to get it, and then if the family got ice cream after dinner, I would have it twice. I am taking Alli while I am here. Of course, it gives me diarreha, and I am nervous about getting it when I am out somewhere and there isn't a bathroom immediately available. I'll know when I get home if it has been working, and I lose more weight. The first week, I was here alone with my two nieces, 5 and 6 years old. One night I had to try & carry one of them up the stairs, because she fell a sleep on the couch. First, I am already carrying around an extra 80 lbs. Then add another 60 lbs. and forget it. In the surf, if a wave knocks me down it is very hard to get up. It sucks being so heavy!! I'm tired of being overweight. I worry about running into people I use to know when I was 100 lbs. thinner!! I don't think I could bare the look on their faces!

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