Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first!"

I didn't want to eat dinner tonight. The reason is because my dinner isn't exciting or pleasurable. So I don't want to get up and prepare it. I'm use to eating fast food which I not only don't have to prepare, but also taste good to eat. My sister and I were talking about this because sometimes her girls don't like what they are having for dinner. She is trying to tell them that the food they eat isn't always going to be something they really like, but that they need to eat to fuel their body. I know that I associate food with pleasure. One of my favorite expressions is "Life is uncertion so eat dessert first!" When I'm binging-I only eat food that is pleasurable. I would go for months without any vegetables other than french fries or the lettuce on a Junior Whopper or a Taco! Yet I know that if I don't plan and prepare my meals, I will just grab what is easy and available. This reminds me of another expression which is hanging in my kitchen. It says, "If you are what you eat--I'm fast, easy and cheap." I also need to associate how I feel later with what I am eating. Even though eating fast food is exremely pleasurable to me, later I feel bloated and gross!! When I eat right--I can feel great!

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  1. That is all so true for me too. Last night I did not want to cook. I had a specific junk food in my head and I knew nothing was going to taste as good as that. But my Husband made me go into the kitchen, we prepared the meal together, and you know what - it was pretty nice. Plus I felt good as it was healthy and not fat laden. I HAVE to plan my meals because as soon as it is up in the air what to eat, I reach for the junk.

    Food is fuel, the trick is making the healthy stuff as pleasurable as the junk. :o)