Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another school year

It's two years later! I'm still struggling with the same issues! Starting the school year again after losing about 20 lbs. The same 20 lbs. I've lost and gained at least five times over the last two years. It is frustrating, especially because I have another 50 lbs. in addition that I need to lose. I want this year to be different. It is hard for me to make myself a priority and taking care of myself quickly goes out the window once I start teaching again. Today was the first day I went into school and already I made so many excuses not to go exercise. I finally went after procrastinating for two hours.

I also went to my 30 year reunion! It was awful. I was 50 lbs. heavier than the last time I went, and it seemed like all the women were still thin and looked great. Some hadn't aged at all. (Many of the men were heavier. Where were all the heavy women? Did they just not come?) I didn't want to look at any of the photos of myself as I thought I looked awful, and now they are memorialized on facebook for everyone to see. I don't want to keep struggling to lose weight.
I know food will always be an issue for me, but weight doesn't have to be!!!! I want this to be the year I lose it for good!

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